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Just Sold & Shipped To Lake Como, Italy

Congratulations Chris! May you enjoy many hours of song with this rare beauty!

Enjoy Your New Home In Italy!

Off to Lake Como; a rare and beautiful little piano known as the “Butterfly Grand” was built by the famous Rudolph Wurlitzer Piano & Organ Company in 1937. This piano has 73 notes rather than 88 notes, but is otherwise a normal, conventional piano in every way. This lovely piano is made of beautiful book-matched walnut wood. Walnut was less common than the traditional mahogany wood used in most Butterfly baby grand pianos. Wurlitzer built only a limited number of these little pianos during the ”˜30s and ”˜40s era. They were designed for smaller homes and apartments of the era, making them ideal for people with limited space for a baby grand. Sadly, there are very few of these little pianos left in existence today. They are very rare and desirable among collectors and musicians alike. This piano is tuned to standard concert pitch, and can be used as a normal piano for daily use. It has an impressive tone for its small size! The original matching bench is included.

Buon Viaggio!

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