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How To Select A Piano

Start by choosing your piano type & size:

If you are looking for a grand, determine how long in inches you can accommodate?

If an upright, how high in inches?

  • Baby Grand up to 59 inches long

  • Baby Grand 60 to 64 inches long

  • Baby Grand 65 to 69 inches long

  • Baby Grand / Grand 70 to 74 inches long

  • Grand 75 to 79 inches long

  • Grand 80 inches or more

  • Antique Square Grand

  • Spinet Upright up to 36 inches high

  • Spinet Upright 37 to 41 inches high

  • Spinet Upright 42 to 44 inches high

  • Studio Upright 45 to 47 Inches high

  • Full Upright 48 to 50 inches high

  • Full Upright over 50 Inches high

If a piano lies flat usually with three legs, then it is a grand or baby grand. From the keyboard to the back, you would measure its length to the inch.
If your desired piano stands upright, it is a vertical piano, also called an "upright." From the top of the piano to the floor, you would measure its height to the inch.

Careful in choosing a location:

Provide enough space for the player to play the piano comfortably sitting on a bench/chair, for a piano technician to adjust the action, and so on. Ideally, provide enough space for a person to pass through. Positioning the piano too close to a wall can cause unwanted noise and acoustic effects.

Protective space:

You are the guardian of your new piano. Make sure it is placed in a space that is cool and not vulnerable to kitchen humidity; away from direct sunlight, windows, and air vents.

You are on your way:

Now that you know what type and where you want to home your new piano, now is the time to select make and model. Our showroom selection and specialists can marry you with the piano that best suits your skill set, budget and musical growth plan. Come by 504 Irwin street in San Rafael, CA any time. We also do virtual tours using Facetime to help you show remotely.

Happy Playing!

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